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In the articles on this website I will be reviewing cat care products which I believe will be of great benefit to Cat owners and I will welcome all feedback from my readers on those product reviews

The U.S. Pet Ownership Statistics in the last survey ran in 2012 revealed the following information:-

Companion animals

Percent of households owning36.5%30.4%3.1%1.5%
Number of households owning43,346,00036,117,0003,671,0001,780,000
Average number owned per household1.
Total number in United States69,926,00074,059,0008,300,0004,856,000
Veterinary visits per household per year (mean)
Veterinary expenditure per household per year (mean)$378$191$33$373
Veterinary expenditure per animal (mean)$227$90$14$133

It is no surprise when you see those statistics relating to cat ownership that this has spawned a huge demand for feline pet care products and as a result there are literally hundreds of thousands of products in the marketplace for cat owners to choose from.


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    You got such a great website full of information about how to take care of cats. I think every cat owner should sign up to read your blogs.

    Great success for your business.

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