Things Cats Do to the Amusement or Annoyance of Owners

When you are a cat owner, there are certain  things cats do that they do to annoy you while other times they can do things that make you laugh. Moreover, while you might be thinking that they are doing them on purpose for some of them, it is just in their overall nature, which can be very mischievous . For that reason, read on as we have put together five of the most amusing, and five of the more annoying things cats do, as we are certain you can relate to most of them too.

things cats do

First Let Us discuss the Top 5 Amusing Funny Things Cats Do That Their Owners Love

  • Cat Finds Energy At Night

For us cat owners, have you ever paid attention, how your cat will be asleep, and be napping all day long? However, let the midnight hour roll around, and for some reason he is up. Often times, we think he  has now become the next speed racer through out the entire house.

  • The Cat Shaking Dance

Ever noticed that as your cat is about to catch something, be it a mouse, spider, dancing light it always does a little wiggle. To them they are getting their balance, and focus, but to us humans it looks like they are getting ready to do a dance for us. Just watching them get their groove on, brings a smile to our face easily.

  • The Active Acrobatic Cat

Watching our cat, try to become the next flying expert without wings,  certainly at times can bring us to laughter without much pause. This is especially true, when they try hard to land on their mark, but then miss it by a mile wide, taking both you and the cat by surprise.

things cats do

  • The Cat That Can Stand Up To Anything

If you have ever seen a cat that will get up on their hind legs, and stand completely tall, it can make you laugh just to watch. Moreover, they are at this stage, ready to take off at full speed. In addition, these cats tend to get spooked very easily, and startle most times at the slightest sound, but all the same for those pet owners, they can find these times quite pleasing to witness.

things cats do

  • The Ever Popular Halloween Dance

Last but not least, our top five of amusing things our beloved cats do to amuse us would not be complete with out the Halloween dance. You know the one, where they see themselves in the mirror for the first time, and they arch their backs, till all their fur stand nice and tall, yes very funny to watch.

Now Let Us discuss the Top 5 Annoying Things Cats Do That Their Owners Tend To Forgive Most Times

  • Helping Us With Our Planting

Cats do love to dig, it is in their nature. However, when we have indoor plants, they tend to think they are helping, by tipping all the dirt out onto the floor for us. They must be thinking to themselves that they are helping the plants to have more room to flourish. That said, that is why most will agree that making a choice to having either indoor plants, or cats is wise, but most time not blending them both together makes life a bit more easier.

  • Helping Us Take Out The Trash

While we all tend to let our garbage pail rise a bit much at times, our cats sure can let us know when we forget. They tend to tip it over, looking for food, as if they are starving, even though they only just been fed. However, to them the garbage pail tends to be more pleasing to eat from at times. Nevertheless, while many find this habit a bit annoying, for many cat owners they will agree, that it is one that they can easily forgive at times.

  • Climbing Our Curtains

Cats, particularly when they are kittens, are always open to new challenges. Climbing obstacles is nothing to them and while most cat owners prefer that they engage in this activity outdoors nothing is sacrosanct to them and you may well finding them climbing up your new curtains and leaving holes in them. Alternatively as this picture depicts with my son’s cat she may well bring down the curtains! How could you scold a cat with such an innocent expression on her face!

things cats do

  • Helping With Our Laundry

For many cat owners, we all have been there, we start off by going to grab our clean shirt, only to then discover tiger left his hair behind for us to wear again. One of the many annoying things that our cats tend to do, is climb right into our clean cloths basket, with the nice clean clothes still in them. However, while this can be very annoying, many pet owners can find forgiveness within their hearts over and over again. This is my son’s cat Lily in the picture who likes to sleep on fresh clean laundered clothes!

things cats do

  • Helping To keep Their Cat Litter Clean

When it comes to training our cats, some refuse to use their boxes, if they are over filled. Moreover, not only will some tip the contents out to remind us, others might at times go right where us humans use the toilet at, to let us know. Now, while this can be a very annoying habit, many cat owners will agree that usually this will take place only for a very limited annoying time frame, and does indeed come with the package deal of owning a cat.


When a person opts in for owning a cat, there are going to be plenty of occasions there will be happy memories, and then annoying memories to keep for a long time. However, for those who already own these cats as pets, and have at one time, or another experienced some of the top five we listed here today, they  would not change a thing about them we are certain. With that said, we hope our topic today covering our top five best of the amusement times, and their overall top annoying times,  have pleased pet owners everywhere who can relate. If you want to share your own experiences with us feel free to do so below.